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8 Ian Lau & Nandika Thapar. This manual is for users of the FieldSpec 4 instrument and describes how to set up and use the instrument. ASD&39;s flagship model, the FieldSpec Pro is the industry standard for a wide range of challenging Remote Sensing applications, and offers superior signal-enhancing features and high resolution with anm spectral range. Claisse Fusion Sample Preparation. Unauthorized use of these trademarks is illegal and punishable by law. dir directory containing raw ASD files or sub-directories to be processed.

The FieldSpec 4 Standard-Res spectroradiometer, with 10 nm SWIR resolution is perfectly suited for characterizing spectral features with a resolution of 10 nm to 50 nm, which covers the technical requirements of most field researchers. In the VNIRnm), the spectral sampling interval of each channel is 1. In this paper ASD field Spec 4 Spectroradiometer device is used to overcome this problem. For exploration and mine geologists, the ASD TerraSpec ® Halo mineral identifier is considered to be the next generation all-in-one mineral analysis system that allows users to instantly identify alteration minerals with just a simple pull of a trigger. com Chapter 1 Introduction and Set Up 1. 2555 55th Street, Suite 100 Boulder, CO 80301 USA Phone:www.

All trademarks used or displayed in this material are the property of ASD, its affiliates, or third party owners. 4 Spectral Measurement and Pre-Processing The sixteen soil samples were grinded with a sieve of 2 mm diameter and their spectral reflectance were acquired in the laboratory by using ASD FieldSpec 3 Spectroradiometer (fig-2) that was in contact probe mode Sabah et al,, with wavelength ranges betweennm to avoid disturbance. This manual is for users of the FieldSpec 4 instrument and describes how to set up and use the instrument. © 600860 Rev. The purchase of the Dual Software allowed us to collect in the thousands of spectra over the course of a few hours, massively reducing our workload.

file = NULL) Arguments asd. General vegetation analysis and water column studies are common application areas that are associated with broader spectral features. Request a quote Contact sales Download brochure. The ASD FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res is a high resolution spectroradiometer designed for faster, more precise spectral data measurements for a wide array of remote sensing applications.

4 nm but the spectral resolution (FWHM) is approximately 3 nm at around 700 (ASD 1999). Higher resolution hyperspectral sensors are capable of yielding higher precision for remote sensing classification applications, generating more information from every pixel produced in an image than ever before. ASD FieldSpec 4; ASD Handheld 2; ASD LabSpec 4; ASD QualitySpec Trek; ASD TerraSpec.

Chavez P S and Bowell J 1988 Comparison of the spectral information content of Landsat Thematic Mapper and SPOT for three different sites in the Phoenix, Arizona region; Photogramm. ˛ *+,$ ˛ $ $ $ $ ˜" ˝ ˝$. 4 Interface Requirement. dir main ouput directory. The go-to standard for trusted portable field spectroscopy. ASD, a PANalytical company and a global leader in high performance NIR analytical instrumentation and materials analysis solutions, has introduced this next generation of its.

Instrument assembly: 2. The Facility has three Analytical Spectral Devices (ASD) FieldSpec Pro spectroradiometers available for loan. The FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res NG provides enhanced spectral resolution necessary for accurate data analysis with the latest suite of next generation hyperspectral sensors. com Trademark Information ASD Inc.

Correctly inserting a FieldSpec fiberoptic cable into the new style ASD pistol grip. Requirement is a mobile device with iOS 10 or higher. J 3 FieldSpec® 3 User Manual www.

FieldSpec Pro FR Portable Spectroradiometer. Contact support Register now. D 9 FieldSpec® HandHeld 2 User Manual www. The ASD FieldSpec ® HandHeld 2 hand-held spectroradiometer is the low-cost, easy to use, visible-near infrared (VNIR) alternative to the full-range ASD FieldSpec 4 product line. R library for importing and processing field spectroscopy data collected with ASD and Spectral Evolution instruments - serbinsh/R-FieldSpectra. Trademarks FieldSpec ® HandHeld 2™ and RS 3 ™ are registered the intellectual property of Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. ASD Document 600545 Rev.

E ii RS3™ User Manual www. The ASD FieldSpec 3 is composed of three separate internal spectrometers covering a spectral range of 350–2500 nm across asd fieldspec 4 manual the near UV to SWIR regions. This high resolution spectroradiometer has been designed for more precise, faster spectral data measurements for an extensive range of remote sensing applications. C 4 QualitySpec® User Manual www. The FieldSpec ® 4 Hi-Res is a ruggedized field-portable spectroradiometer providing high resolution spectral data. The ASD FieldSpec 4 Wide-Res field spectroradiometer can be utilized for many of the same applications as the Standard-Res model although the characterization of material with sharper spectral features will be less precise.

4 *˜ *+,$ ˛ 2 ˛ ˜. Eagon 2; LeDoser; LeDoser-12; LeNeo; M4; Peroxide Fluxer; The Ox Advanced; Imaging Instruments. Morphologi G3(SE) Sysmex FPIA 3000; Mastersizer and. ASD System documentation and Garmin GPS user manual. ASD, a PANalytical company, a global leader in high-performance NIR analytical instrumentation and material analysis solutions, has introduced, the FieldSpec Dual collection software system, the world’s first commercially available full-range (350 – 2,500 nm) field solution that enables collection of high-quality reflectance spectra even under variable sky conditions. 5 µm spectral range and 10 nm spectral resolution, you get the data you need to analyze remotely sensed images collected by both present and future sensors.

Morphologi 4 + 4-ID; Morphologi G3(SE) Sysmex FPIA 3000; Mastersizer and Spraytec. com Chapter 1 Introduction • NIR1: graded index, TE-cooled, extended range, InGaAs, photo-diode for the spectral region 1000 nm to 1800 nm. At less than 8 kg, FieldSpec Pro FR is a truly portable field spectroradiometer. ASD Document 600555 Rev. The ASD FieldSpec ® 4 Hi-Res NG Spectroradiometer is an enhanced spectral resolution for supporting accurate analysis of the next generation of hyperspectral sensors. . com FieldSpec®, LabSpec®, QualitySpec®, TerraSpec®, AgriSpec®, RxSpec®, ViewSpec™, RS3™, Indico™, and goLab™ are registered, and unregistered. jumploc1 = NULL, jumploc2 = NULL, asd.

Details about the instrument are given in Table1, as well as in the ASD FieldSpec 3 user manual 19. Load ASD FieldSpec® batteries – sockets are located at either side of the ASD back panel (instrument can run on one battery or two, depending on length of field work). It also includes reference information about how the instrument works. The ASD TerraSpec® Halo Mineral Identifier is the best NIR mineral identification instrument available for the exploration geology market.

Put lens of FOV (field of view) in spectroradiometer beforehand. 2555 55th Street Boulder, CO 80301 USA Phone:www. ext = NULL, output.

1 Introduction The ASD FieldSpec® HandHeld™ 2 is a portable spectroradiometer that performs rapid, precise, non-destructive and non-contact measurements. Measuring method manual for Portable Spectroradiometer of FieldSpec HandHeld2 Preparation ③ Put size AA batteries or connect asd fieldspec 4 manual a power cable in spectroradiometer. FUTURE SCIENCE PLATFORM EARTH OBSERVATION INFORMATICS Laboratory Spectroscopy calibration procedures Manual:001 Version:1. . The ASD Handheld 2 is a versatile and durable hand-held spectroradiometer that utilizes the ASD FieldSpec 4 VNIR spectrometer for accurate analysis in the 325 – 1075. Besides being a world class spectroradiometer, the FieldSpec 4 Standard-Res is equally suitable.

Experimental tool ・Spectroradiometer asd fieldspec 4 manual ・White board ・Field note ・Measurement object ・Tripod stand ・Measure. Document 600660 Rev. collected using other models as well.

The instrument utilises three integrated spectrometers. Not needed if specified in settings file. Remove the batteries from its compartment when the system is not used for several days. Customer reads the ASD Manuals and operates ASD products correctly.

A 3 ViewSpec Pro™ User Manual www. 7˛ 8 ˘ˇˆ ˘ ˜3 ˛ 9: ˜ 1 Refer to the FSF Power and Cabling Schematic diagrams for the ASD FieldSpec Pro. 2 Power Input and Output The asd fieldspec 4 manual near infrared (NIR) is also called the short-wave infrared (SWIR). Primary specifications of the ASD FieldSpec 3.

3 FieldSpec Wavelength Configuration AC Power Supply Type Auto ranging, Switching, SELV AC Input 90-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz DC Input +12 VDC, 60 W. ASD Document 600548 Rev. Before you can start using the app you. ASD FieldSpec ®; 3, User Manual, ASD inc. The use of a solitary ASD FieldSpec 4, whilst giving us reliable results, was never going to give us the scope we required. (C4) Customer does not tamper with the internal components or assembly of the products covered. ext = NULL, settings. In this paper preprocessing including smoothing like Moving Average, Savitzky-Golay, Median Filter, and then some descriptive statistical operation carried on preprocessed palmprint data.

The FieldSpec 4 instrument is a general-purpose spectroradiometer that is useful for many applications requiri ng the measurement of reflectance, tran smittance, radiance, or irradiance. com Chapter 1 Introduction 1. A ii Integrating Sphere User Manual Trademark Information ASD Inc. • NIR2: graded index, TE-cooled, extended range, InGaAs, photo-diode for the spectral region 1800 nm to 2500 nm. Mastersizer Range.

FieldSpec Pro-FR instrument characteristics are provided in Table 4 (see ASD 1999 & for details). The iOS App Spectrometer is compatible with the ASD devices Fieldspec. 4 *+,$ & 2 ˛ ˛ 4 * &$ ˛ ˛ % ˜ ˝ ˛ 1& ˛ 5 ♦ ˘ˇ ♦ ˘ˇ*+,$ $ 3 &$ 1(ˇ ˛ ˜3 & ˛ ˜ 2 $ $ ˜ $ /6 ˜. ASD TerraSpec 4; ASD TerraSpec fieldspec Halo; Archimedes; Claisse Range. ASD TerraSpec 4; ASD TerraSpec Halo; Imaging Instruments. Step 4 Select the file(s) from the list available in the directory. ASD Document 600540 Rev. The ASD FieldSpec 4 Standard-Res is well positioned to meet a majority of the technical needs of field researchers who require dependable and trusted results from a field portable spectroradiometer.

The FieldSpec ® 4 Standard-Res portable spectroradiometer is the perfect choice for an extensive range of remote sensing applications, including multispectral sensor ground truthing and agricultural analysis, calibration, and snow and ice studies. com Chapter 1 ViewSpec Pro The following dialog box will be displayed, automatically taking you to the directory selected in step 1. Mastersizer ; Mastersizer E; Mastersizer 3000; Mastersizer 3000E; Spraytec. (C5) Customer does not operate ASD products with power supplies, computers, software, or other optical systems or instrumentation that are not approved by ASD.

Asd fieldspec 4 manual

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