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The HETS is used to load, unload, and transport the M1 Series Main Battle Tank (MBT) and other heavy tracked/wheeled vehicles weighing up to 140,000 lbskg) during administrative and tactical operations. The technology used in the M1000 has proven its value and capability in many years of military and commercial use. The parts count is very high and you must study the instruction manual carefully. Model Number and Equipment Name. HETS is a critical part of the distribution system; it is the sole military asset capable of highway transport of the Army’s het m1000 technical manual main battle tank. The PosID2 Test Configuration screen het m1000 technical manual opens. Warranty: Three-Year Warranty: Firmware Updates: Firmware is field-upgradeable, updates can be installed directly at the unit or via a remote network connection. TMOerators/DS/GS Maintenance for Heavy Equipment Transporter Semitrailer 70-Ton, M1000 TBTechnical Bulletin Towed Wheel Vehicles, FSC Class 2330,.

Besides, view the entire catalog of Menvier Security M1000 Intruder alarm system control panels & accessories Menvier Security M1000 Intruder alarm system control panels & accessories with specifications of other products from our extensive catalog. The M1000 is designed for more than 70,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, making it the ideal choice for new installations or modernization projects. . Fully automatic sterring with no need for tractor modification.

The Oshkosh® Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) A4 Light Equipment Transporter (LET) complements its heavy-payload HEMTT counterparts by transporting light duty equipment like the M870 series trailers. Manuals require a table of contents and must be organized by chapters and sections. het m1000 technical manual Built from the ground up to combat data center sprawl and IT complexity, the PowerEdge M1000e enclosure delivers one of the most energy-efficient, flexible and manageable blade server products on the market. The START International ZCM1000 (The Original M1000) electric tape dispenser automatically cuts and advances predefined tape lengths and is suitable for medium to high production of repetitive taping in industrial applications. The HETS tractor is used in combination with the M1000 trailer to transport the M1 Series Abrams tank and other heavy tracked and wheeled vehicles weighing up to 140,000 pounds during administrative and tactical operations.

Select PosID from the System Devices menu. To load or unload and transport a battle-dressed Abrams Main Battle Tank (MBT) series. See full list on asc. Electrical: 24 volts 8. Army logistics vehicle transport system, the primary purpose of which is to transport the M1 Abrams tank. The Heavy Equipment Transporter System (HETS) consists of two pieces of equipment: the M1070 tractor and the M1000 semitrailer. This kit is not for beginners.

Antilock Brake System with traction control 10. Page 50: Posid Test From the GENESIS. Army requirement for transporting M1 and M1A1 MBTs. Technical Support: Meinberg offers free lifetime technical support via telephone or e-mail. It also transports oversized and overweight equipment from port of debarkation to forward areas or to/from base camps. technical bulletins - tmspecifications and standards appendix b maintenance allocation chart - tmexplanation of columns in the mac, section ii - tmexplanation of columns in tool and test equipment requirements, section iii - tmsection ii.

CUCV M1008 M1009 M1010 M1028 Military Vehicle Technical Manuals. The M1070/M1000 HETS was developed to accommodate the increased weight of the M1 Abrams Family of Main Battle Tanks. The M1000 was originally developed as a private venture by Southwest Mobile Systems (later Systems & Electronics Inc (SEI), now DRS Technologies) as a response to a possible U. It is divided into the following major sections in order of appearance: •WARNING SUMMARY.

Rugged pendular suspension and automatic multi-axle steering ensures that the M1000 can get loads where they are needed. 5-inch kingpin and a central tire inflation system. Complete the armored cab Technical Data Package and Logistics products. Technical Manual (TMTitle: OPERATORS, UNIT, DIRECT SUPPORT AND GENERAL SUPPORT MAINTENANC MANUAL FOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRANSPORTER SEMITRAILER, 70 TON, M1000 (NSNEIC: CXU) TM 09295A-14/1. M1070A0 HETS Tractor. Software updates are provided free of charge, for the lifetime of your Meinberg product.

The HETS is capable of both on- and off-road operations over a variety of terrains and slopes, as well as temperature extremes from minus 50 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Can transport up to 70 tons at reduced speeds TRACTORS Compatible with current and future U. 05; Firmware Updates. Atlas Sound Sound Masking Loudspeaker Assemblies Specification Sheet. When a manual imposes reporting requirements, they will appear in the prescribing LOP. maintenance allocation chart for the het tractor cont&39;d;. M1000 speakers pdf manual download. DAB+ G2 MOST - No Update.

GCWR: 238,500 pounds 2. Operator&39;s and field maintenance technical bulletin. M1000 HETS Trailer. · TMTechnical Manual Operator&39;s Manual For Truck, Tractor, 8x8, M1070 A1 and TMP - Technical Manual, Unit, direct Support and General Support Maintenance Repair Parts And Special Tools List, Truck, Tractor, M1070, 8x8, Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET). Get in-depth information on Menvier Security M1000 Intruder alarm system control panels & accessories including detailed technical specifications.

Download size: 140 MB Number Title TMOperator&39;s Manual For Truck, Tractor, Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET), 8x8, M1070 TMUnit Maintenance For Truck, Tractor, Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET. A production order for 1,066 M1000 units was placed by the U. Click on the (Sample PDF) links to preview the first few pages of the documents, including, where available, title page, table of contents, scope, and sample diagrams.

- tmtransfer case does not shift into high or low or slips out of gear. It provides standardized training and testing in the operation, maintenance, and safety of the HETS. The M1070 tractor and the M1000 trailer.

Technical Parts Manual for M1000 70 Ton Heavy Equipment Transporter Trailer NSN:. The dispenser accepts tape 0. A collection of 8 official technical manuals and documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format. The HET Tractor is used in combination with the M1000 Trailer to form the Heavy Equipment Transport System (HETS). The LET tractor is also the prime mover for the Intermediate Stryker Recovery.

Purpose of Equipment. Caterpillar 700 HP C-18 engine 3. m1000™ Operating Manual Addendum, 392813, en, V1. Improved electrical system J1939 capable of future support of diagnostic/prognostic maintenance systems 12.

Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, Michigan). · M1070 HET TMP Parts. (for non-m1000 trailers) alignment (front to rear). Thread starter simp5782;. M1070 Heavy Equipment Transporter Tractor (buy it here) All technical manuals included on this CD-ROM are listed below. Allison CLT-754 transmission (5-speed automatic) 4.

technical manual operator’s, organizational, direct support, and general support maintenance manual (including repair parts and special tools lists) trailer, cargo amphibious 1/4 ton, 2-wheel mtrailer, chassis 1/4 ton, 2-wheel mtrailer, maintenance: telephone cable splicer 1/4 ton, 2-wheel m. Select Test from the PosID submenu. MOST DAB/DAB+ User Manual; M1000-M-DAB Mercedes Install Notes; mObridge DAB Basic PC het m1000 technical manual Application.

Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR): 231,400 pounds 2. Optimized for transport of the Abrams Main Battle Tank (M1 series). MOD Heavy Equipment military Transport System Unused heavy equipment transporters HETS) M1000 Semi-trailer, 80-ton, 40-wheels. Operator-adjusted and -leveled hydraulic suspension 5. HETS has been designated Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) defense mission critical, as listed on the CBRN Mission Critical Report. comprises basic information from Transportability Guidance Technical Manuals and experience gained through participating in many military exercises. Technical Manuals. The M1070 tractor and M1000 semi-trailer, replaces the M911/M747 HET system as the Army&39;s latest model HETS.

Provides a summary of the most important warnings that apply throughout the manual. The HETS will support missions through the full spectrum of military operations from peacetime to war. Operator&39;s and unit maintenance technical bulletin.

Enhanced HETS (EHETS) is in a pre-Materiel Development Decision analysis of alternatives phase. Detroit Diesel 8V92 500 HP engine 3. The combat proven M1000 Heavy Equipment Transport semitrailer carries armored vehicles and other heavy equipment loads weighing up to 70 tons. Upgraded Wheels: 16,000 pounds rating 7.

Commandant Instruction Manual. The EHETS is intended to replace the legacy HETS to fill multiple identified capability gaps with this system. The tractors are capable of seating six occupants (driver, commander and 4-person tank crew) and have a heavy-duty, fully oscillating fifth wheel with a 3. Single-speed transfer case 5. To load or unload and transport a battle-dressed M1 Series MBT with TUSK and C-IED Kit.

Speed Regulator (E-Reg) Magnetek’s unique elevator speed regulator, E-Reg, is specifically designed to handle elevator applications. het tractor wanders, pulls to one side, leans, or shimmies het tractor wanders, pulls to one side, or shimmies (cont). What technology is used in M1000? Login to download, request hard copy, or add this manual to your unit library. and NATO tractors,. Oshkosh Defense® HEMTT A4 M983A4 LET Performance to move light equipment wherever the mission demands.

By July more than 2600 M1000 trailers had been ordered. HETS, including the M1070, M1070A1 and M1000 production, is complete and transitioned to Sustainment (Integrated Logistics Support Center, U. - tmhet tractor wanders, pulls to one side, or shimmies (cont). The Army plans to build 99 armored cabs for Army Prepositioned Stock. View and Download Atlas M1000 specification sheet online. 28 to 2" (7 to 51 mm) wide, with an outside roll diameter up to 7"/178 mm.

What is M1000 heavy equipment transport? Upgraded Alternator: 400 amps 9. M1000 HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRANSPORTER TRAILER PERFORMANCE FEATURES PAYLOADS Tracked and wheeled vehicles – even disabled – as well as breakbulk cargo and ISO containers.

This includes a modification of the M1070A1 tractor and procurement of a modified commercial trailer. 5 axle lines: Oscillate for rough terrain, axle 2 - 5 automatically steer. M1070A1 HETS Tractor.

It performs recovery, though limited, and evacuation missions. Present Conflict Vehicles TMs. TCiii PREFACE This TC provides a training program for the HETS in accordance with AR 600-55. Texas A&M Forest Service Home Page. What is m1000e enclosure? Upgraded Axle Ratings, Front: 32,000 pounds; Rear – 25,000 pounds 6. .

Het m1000 technical manual

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